Terrific company with heart warm and skilled colleagues

We had a wonderful time with a danish intern and she really enjoyed working in our team.

„Work at Blattwerk was a memorable experience. I met so many lovely people there and I tried so many different things. It’s a very vibrant team of quite young people and they took me in and as if I belonged just there, and a part of me wanted to stay, when the 3 weeks had come to an end. I did also get invited to do so, but family and friends in Denmark drew me back – and I also had a few exams and an education to finish ;o)

Blattwerk is a terrific company with heart warm and skilled colleagues. The best experience was to try other working methods and to try some of the things that I won’t be able to try in Denmark – for instance planting a small wine field on a steep hillside, building driveways in very steep terrain and working with materials and tools that we never or rarely use in Denmark. It was also good for me to get a chance to try out my own strength with regards to this very physically demanding line of business“
Vinni Sørensen (Erasmus-Praktikantin aus Aalborg, Dänemark – Frühjahr 2018)


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